Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Don and Jeanne

The pool we "layzed" at

Water shuttle at Disney World

Collins & Scott enjoying the fire

Shirley had a laid back day at Collins and Scott's as did we in Florida. We three went to Church (Shirley too)and then took our bikes to Ft. Wilderness at Disney World. We took a leisurely 9 mile bike ride which included 2 hours at one of the beautiful resort pools where we layzed around. It was a beautiful day in central Florida, low 80's and breezy. The biking was all on flat trails! We capped it off with dinner at the Orlando Ale house, my suggestion and one of everyone's faves. It's the third time over the years we have been there. Shirley heads to our daughter Darci's house tomorrow in Griffin Georgia (@ 45 min south of Atlanta). Ted, Bonnie, Don, Jeanne and I head to Disney's Studios theme park. I'm not sure how we will ever have time to work part time. Enjoy the pics.

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