Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Ready for a great dinner

What an interesting 36 hours. Evidently having a truck camper at Citrus Ridge is against the rules. Got a call Sunday night saying we have to go. After further review and inspection by the president of the home owners assn. we could stay, YEA! Went about our business:. Don and I saw the Braves practice, swam in the pool and Jeanne and Shirley went to exercise class and line dancing. I knew something was up when I heard that there was a truck camper in the park from the line dancing class. I got the big honkin' dually its 90K service and we went for a GREAT dinner at Manny's Original Chop House, a very neat place. Don and I were going to play pool at the activity center when I got the evil call that yes we did need to vacate the RV resort. I,along with Don and Jeanne went to talk to the president of the HOA and I stated my case. We were here a year ago and stayed 12 days with NO problems. Evidently there is a split faction in the resort and it is neighbor against neighbor. We got caught in the cross fire. If you have ever been to the beach there are rules listed of what you can't do. Enforcemnt can be offered if it becomes necessary. For some reason the rules say no truck campers. Honestly, we are the kind of people they want in this resort. You know what? We do not care to be where we're not wanted. VERY petty and short sided but it is their place. Don and Jeanne were great and took us to see campgrounds close by. We will be leaving as you read and bringing our truck back (sans camper) to Don and Jeanne's AND swimming in their damn pool! Enjoy the pic.

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