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D&H Toll Collector's Office

entrance to D&H Linear Park

the park is peaceful

bridge just a little ways in

not much water now!

D&H Canal Memorial Garden

no bridge here now!

didn't live here long!

On my way home this week, I took a left off of Rte 209 in Wurtsboro to see its main street. I came upon a park for the D&H Canal with a trail on the towpath after the little picnic park. Turns out I parked in front of what used to be the toll collectors' office from 1856 to 1898. It is now an apartment building with at least 2 apartments in it. I have to have seen the extent of the canal by now! We have walked the canal by the museum in High Falls years ago.

Further down the street was a parking lot for the O&W rails to trails path. I had walked about a mile of it on Sunday just north of Stone Ridge! North of Hurley for a couple of miles, the trail is paved with flower and bush beds on the side. That part is very sunny in the afternoons, but a lot of people use it for walking, jogging, and bike riding. I enjoyed the shady, gravel path we walked on that led to a swampy area where beavers once lived. We don't know if they are there now. O&W stands for Ontario and Western but it has a formal name of NY, Ontario & Western. It ran from 1884 to 1957, and its heyday was around 1944. After that, when it became antiquated, it was nicknamed "the Old & Weary" or the "Old Woman" or "Old & Wobbly". just some trivia for you history buffs.

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