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Carpe Diem at Kranberry's Family Restaurant

Delta 747 shooting touch-and-gos at Air Base north of Tucson

Tucson construction for Bob
He just loves those Jersey Barriers

Oopsie east of Tucson
Our only slowdown

Wide... Long... High...

Dust storms are a big deal in these parts...

Entering New Mexico on I 10

Wed, 06 Dec: Scratching our "Hitch Itch"...

After we've been stationary for a while the urge to travel gets pretty strong. Other than a quick car trip to Albuquerque we've been sticking close to home. Today our "hitch itch" got to be too much so we're back on the road. Specifically, today is the first day of a 2,200 mile trip east to Wauchula Florida.

Today's 228 miles took us from our home park, RoVer's Roost, west of Casa Grande to Lordsburg NM, a small town on I 10 about 22 miles east of the AZ/NM border. We're parked for the evening in the back of Kranberry's Family Restaurant, a very good local eatery with a large lot in the back. They welcome RVers and we reciprocate by staying (and dining).

Once we got the coach ready for the road Bob moved it to the propane fill station where we topped up our LP supply. We then connected the car, bid farewell to our good friends Carmen & Domingo Davila, and rolled wheels a few minutes after ten.

Two quick miles to I 8, which we took east to I 10. Continuing east on I 10 we survived the Tucson traffic and construction. Traffic was lite and we moved along at our comfortable pace. Lunch (and driver change) was at a rest stop.

Sandi took over and drive the remaining seventy miles to the NM border, and then an additional 22 miles to Lordsburg. We found a good spot in the lot and set the parking brake a minute after three. Today's total distance was 228 miles with an overall fuel economy of 7⅔ mpg.

We're at 4,300' elevation and tonite's low is forecast to be in the thirties. Time for some extra blankets!!!

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