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Beautiful sunrise

Deer Ranch

Feeding deer

Is this one giving us some attitude?

A curious one

New Guinea Singing Dog - a new animal to us

What could be so interesting to these turtles?

This beauty is a Red Golden Pheasant

We got someone's attention

Caribou - look at those antlers


Food made Sandi popular with the alpaca

Jim made a new friend

Manistique, MI Jim has been searching vainly for wildlife while in Michigan, namely deer, moose and bear. Having no luck, we stopped at Deer Ranch instead. It is the oldest (since 1950) live whitetail exhibit in North America. In addition to the deer most of us recognize, the Ranch has a number of white whitetail deer. The white deer lack all pigmentation in their hair but have the normal brown-colored eyes. Albino deer have pink eyes and are extremely rare. These were not albino. We also learned that there are few deer in the UP as wolves eat them, antlers can grow up to ½” per day, and deer have 310° of vision without turning their heads. The deer were very happy to have us feed them. The gift shop features many deer skin products, including one of the largest moccasin inventories in the north. Somehow it seems wrong to feed and pet deer outside and then come in and purchase one of their brothers or sisters now a deer skin product. Further down the road was GarLyn Zoo where we also viewed animals. The animals were very active. We even saw a porcupine happily eating a carrot. We were surprised to see caribou in the zoo and we saw an animal new to us – a New Guinea Singing Dog. Our zoo trivia: Tigers have striped skin, not just striped fur. Camel milk does not curdle. The longest recorded flight of a chicken is 13 seconds. One never knows when one might be called upon to provide these important fact!

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