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Carpes at Arrowhead County Park

Bob navigates narrow (10' 0") bridge on I 80
Carpe is 8½ wide...

Restored T-Bird passes us on I 80 west of Des Moines

We're heading into some weather...

... and here it is!

Wed, 27 Jul: We're seriously heading west...

After a relaxing day at HWH, it is finally time for us to seriously consider heading west. We are planning to arrive at the Cottonwood Arizona Thousand Trails park a week from today, which allows us eight days to cover some 1,600 miles. That works out to a minimum of 200 miles/day, so it's time to put on some miles.

No alarm this morning! Yeah!!! Yet, we were both awake around six but stayed in bed because we could!. Once up and about we fed our faces and got things ready for the road. Once thru our checklists Bob pulled the coach out of the parking site and we got the car connected, checked lites & brakes, and rolled wheels at 0844.

HWH is right on I 80 so in no time at all we were merging into traffic on I 80. It was a delight to have the sun behind us as we headed west toward Iowa City. East of Des Moines we switched drivers and Sandi took the helm for the balance of the trip. That included driving thru Des Moines (not terrible). Some seventy miles east of the Nebraska border we stopped for lunch at a rest stop, and then continued on.

The sky to the west was getting darker and darker so Bob checked the weather on his smart phone. Sure enough, there was a major storm to the north of I 80 with "fingers" extending south to the interstate. Sure enough, we ran into some cells as we drove, but nothing more serious than brief spells of heavy rain. Good opportunity to get the windshield cleaned.

We exited the interstate 27 miles from the Nebraska border and got a spot for the nite at Arrowhead County Park. This is a very nice park with 50 ampere power on pull-thru sites. While we normally boondock while in the road, the warm temps (highs in the eighties) strongly encourage us to seek power for our air conditioning. Yes, we're wusses when hot weather is concerned.

Today's run was 244 miles with an overall fuel economy of 8½ mpg.

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