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Carpes at Fargo ND Wally

Interstate 94 in western North Dakota
Smoke is from Canadian forest fires

In Fargo we leave I 94 for I 29

Approaching Fargo Wal*Mart
This Wally was easy to access...

Fri, 03 July: A problem and an unexpected early journey...

One thing we've learned in our seven plus years of RVing is that one can never be too certain of anything. With our refrigerator problems seemingly resolved we had planned to spend the Independence Day Weekend at the Theodore Roosevelt NP South Unit Campground. Such was not to happen.

Thursday we noted that our chassis battery bank voltage was decreasing. Carpe Diem has three electrical systems, one 110 volt AC same as in a house. She also has two independent 12 volt DC systems, one for the "chassis" and the other for the "house". The chassis system runs the engine starting and control, headlights, etc., while the house runs the interior lights, water pump, fans, etc.

Well, the two chassis batteries are original, meaning they were installed in 2007. They've given us faithful service and it is probably time for them to retire (or be recycled). But, why now of all times?

Anyway, fearing we wouldn't be able to start our engine we elected to depart the National Park and head toward civilization. So, we got things ready for the road, bade farewell to Bob & Caren Collins, crossed our fingers and engaged the starter. It wasn't very pretty to hear, but after a few very lazy turns the diesel started. Once we built up air pressure we moved the coach to a parking lot and connected the car.

Once clear of the park we headed east on Interstate 94. We didn't have any definite destination in mind but ended up 331 miles later at the Wal*Mart in Fargo ND. Carpe behaved beautifully all day once the engine alternator put some juice in the batteries. Other than a fuel stop near New Salem ND and a lunch break at a rest stop, we kept the wheels rolling.

During today's drive we had very hazy weather. It seems as tho there are some major forest fires in Canada and they're sharing the smoke with us. How neighborly...

We added 331 miles to the odometer with a daily fuel economy of 8⅝ mpg.

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