This morning Ross got up around 0530 to go on his 3 mile morning walk. The sun was up and bright, the sky was clear and the temperature was in the mid 50's. Ross walked toward town and at the half-way mark he was close to the Chinese restaurant he and Marge visited for dinner last night.

After returning to the motorhome Ross had his breakfast and showered. Marge had made the coffee while Ross was out walking and they spend some time checking emails and drinking their coffee. Around 0830 they began the ritual of getting the motorhome ready to roll. They left the campground around 0915 and headed west for Billings. They arrived in Billings around 1230 and stopped for fuel at the Flying J where they were able to get fuel for $3.83.

As they approached Billings it was pretty obvious that rain was probably going to arrive in a short time. They checked into the Billings RV Park around 1330 and got set-up shortly afterward. As soon as they were set-up they headed for the local Costco for some supplies and to refuel the pickup truck.

Ross tried to find some new windshield wiper blades and after the Costco run they drove to a large RV dealership where all Ross was able to get were the part numbers for the wiper blades he needs for the motorhome. They will be in Missoula for a couple of days and Ross is hoping he will be able to purchase the needed wiper blades from a local RV dealership or from an automotive supply house in Missoula.

The rain that they thought was approaching Billings showed up while Ross & Marge were inside Costco. As they loaded their purchases into the truck the rain started pouring. After loading the pickup truck he drove to the Costco fuel station and as he was filling the pickup truck the sky opened and the thunder and lightning started in earnest.

As Ross was leaving the RV dealership the sun was peeking out and the rain had moved eastward and was now right over the town of Billings but by the time they got back to the motorhome the rain had abated. There have been a few showers since then but nothing really heavy like they experienced earlier.

As they move westward the terrain is becoming more and more hilly. The grades are steeper and they are climbing and at the present they are at 3,150 feet. As they move further west their altitude will continue to climb. They were listening to the weather forecast and it seems that above 6,000 feet upwards to a foot or more of snow is expected in Glacier National Park. They will be heading in that direction after leaving Missoula on the 22nd. They are hoping that the route they have plotted will keep them well below the 6,000 foot level.

The terrain is basically the same as yesterday as far as the scenery. The scenery is primarily made up of cattle ranches and grain farms. Everything is green and the area is obviously getting an adequate amount of rain.

That is all for now,

Ross & Marge

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