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First morning I have woken up in Dubai without a sore head!!

After packing and ordering my taxi it was time to leave Felicia's place (she was at work) head to the airport and say goodbye to Dubai. It was a great week. Just what I needed. A week of absolute relaxing with nothing on my mind. Thanks Felicia for showing me a great time in Dubai, I hope I can repay the favour one day.

The flight to Cairo was terrible especially since I had a runny nose and a bad cough. How the two guys next to me didn't ask me to move I don't know (They would have had to have got my cold for sure).

Cairo!! Well if the airport is anything to go by then its going to be a pretty basic place. As I was heading to imagration I saw a man holding an "On the Go" sign (that is the tour group I'm with) I went over and made myself known to him. He asks me for my passport and reluctantly I hand it over. Lucky I did, he takes me to the start of the line talks to the immergration officers and I get through without a problem.

On the mini bus heading to the hotel I was amazed at the poverty that was on the streets. I thought Turkey was bad but Cairo is a whole new level for me. It makes you really feel lucky to have what we have.

After checking into the hotel it was just a matter of waiting for my mate Andy to turn up (He is from Melbourne and I work with him).

12.30am he arrives and after talking for a few hours (you would of thought it was a month since we had not seen each other rather than a week) it was time for bed.

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