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Holy, this one took a while. We've been slacking on these. Today was the day that Kara found a big market, that was a 'dont miss' type of market. It was even in our lonely planet book so we decided to venture out to Nimbin to take it in. We drove for just over an hour and arrived at this old hippie town. And I mean hippie like I've never seen. We arrived in Nimbin around 10 a.m. and it was basically a ghost town, a few people out having coffee and a few window shopping all the drug paraphernalia. I told Kara that it was so empty because every one was probably still getting off their highs from the night before. It was a neat little town though, in the fact that almost every single store represented the hippie culture. We asked around about the market and no one had a clue what we were talking about......just great. After reading a few billboards, we learnt that the market date had changed. We got back in the car and made our way back to Byron bay. But never fear, Kara and her ability to sniff out a market came through once again! We turned off into a town called Lismore to go check it out. It was a big big market in an outdoor parkade, which was kind of nice because it started raining right after we got there. We stumbled across this little stand where this man was selling rolli-dough. It was dough rolled onto a stick, toppings rolled onto it then baked in a little rotisserie machine. They were delicious! We ended coming back for a second before we left. The rain had stopped when we left so we decided it was beach time in Byron for the afternoon. The beach here was beautiful, nice white sand and perfect waves for boogie boarding, only problem was that we didn't have a boogie board. We decided to go tour the shops while we tried to find a boogie board rental shop. We eventual decided to just buy one because rentals were pretty pricey. We headed back to the water and got into the waves. After playing in the water for a couple hours, we headed back to the room, got cleaned up, then headed back into town for some supper and to find some wifi to try and figure out the rest of our trip.

Addendum: we didn't go to Nimbin specifically for the market.. Nimbin is known as a place to go and check out and there are tours running there daily! It just happened that there was supposed to be a market there on the day we were going to check it out!!

Further addendum to Kara's addendum: if you believe the above addendum, maybe you've spent to much time in Nimbin!!

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