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They decided to leave Ta Prohm in ruins, but they did remove...

Here's an example of a tree growing up and around the wall

It also has a tower with 4 faces pointing to each compass...


A gateway


The tree on the right will be cut down to stop more...


A way into the temple

Such huge trunks!


Massive roots everywhere


They have heavy equipment to build reinforcements to stop the deterioration




A metal frame was placed under the root to support its weight






This is suppose to be a carving of a dinosaur???










Ta Prohm was constructed as a Buddhist monastery. The jungle has pulled this temple apart. The roots of fig, banyon and kapok trees have cleaves massive stones in two. Sometimes the trees give way and grow over the top of the temple ramparts. Unfortunately, these ruins has been looted quite heavily in recent years and many of its stone reliquaries have been lost. The huge roots however, are very impressive. Some trees are being cut down to stop further damage. We got back late afternoon. Everyone was exhausted from the heat!

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