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Completed 200 yards long beaver dam pond bog board walk

Unique, 3-board, shimmed, Campbell-made crib built over a large immovable rock

Art and Janet Miller navigating the bolder-strewn Kane Trail beside the Tarn...

A hike on the bolders before the trail of mud

Work-in-progress trail with muddy sub-soil before gravel is applied

The Millers left their mark on the trail

The Millers on the dry and level bog walk

The visit and hike on Bar Harbor's bar at low tide.

Sitting the ocean on Great Head Peninsula

View of Sand Beach from atop Great Head Penensula - The water...

The Millers at one of the 17 stone carriage road bridges, the...

Another view of the Cobble Stone Bridge built in 1917

A hike along the Jordan Pond stream before lunch at Jordan Pond...

Art enjoying his lunch entree of a popover with ice cream

View looking north from atop Cadillac Mountain toward Bar Harbor

View looking north from Otter Cliffs toward Great Head Peninsula (in distance)...

The brushing crew atop Great Head Peninsula with Otter Cliffs last Saturday...

August 17 – Bog Walk Completed, Millers Visit and Trail Brushing

We finished the bog walk along the beaver dam pond last week. Our leader has another bog walk to work on this Thursday. : ) Last Saturday morning, we brushed the hiking trails on the Great Head peninsula, the same trails that we had enjoyed with our visitors.

Our visit by our friends, Janet and Art Miller from our Florida, was very pleasant. We gave them the island tour: Jordan Pond for a carriage road walk and popovers, Cadillac Mountain for an overview of the island, a wet and muddy hike along the Tarn Pond and a dry walk over our recently completed bog walk and a hike on Great Head peninsula to sit by the ocean and view Sand Beach from above.

Janet and Art learned how to flag down the LL Bean bus from their motel site and joined us on the bus to visit Bar Harbor for dinner and touring the harbor and walking on the bar at low tide.

The sun is shining today and we are drying out after a day of rain.

Have a great day.

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