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Hello folks

Well yet another country with messed up keyboards. Just can`t seem to stay on a roll with these things.

Yes we are now in France in a fantastic town called Colmar. Once again we has no idea where it was and left it up to the ticket seller to send us somewhere but they hit jackpot again. This place is glorious. It is a never ending photo oportunity. Even the worst photographer would get great pictures here. Getting here however was another story.

We left for our first change over train at 11.07am. We were to be on that one for about 1 hour. Well not far from where we started, the train seemed to bump harder over the track than usual. Mum thought it odd but I told her to calm down. It's not like the train was going to come off the track or something. Well the train quickly pulled to a stop and we didn't know what to think. There was sounds like a drill and we thought something had just come loose. However the cops, lots of men in flouro jackets and a helicopter above did make us wonder. We reasoned that it was because if our train had stopped, then it was holding all the others up.

After about an hour and a half wait, we got going again. They kept putting messages on the speaker but nothing in English. We were at a loss and knew we wouldn`t make our connection. We arrived at the nearest station and everyone got off. We followed as we has no other option. I overheard a couple speak English so pounced on them. She was German and he a Pom. They explained that the reason everyone had to get off was that the train had become a crime scene. Da Dah. Yes some unfortunate individual had either accidently been run over by our train or had jumped in front of it. They were on their bike. That was the bump on the track. My first thoughts were of Mum. How would she deal with this considering the past? I should have known better. The woman is a trooper. She showed no signs of distress and just got about figuring out what else was going on with the trains and where it left us.

Well we all got moved to another train that they found for us and we made it a bit further. Would you beleive that this new train also came to a stop. We hadn`t hit anyone this time but someone else up the track had also been in a trains way and that was holding our train up as well. WHAT THE HELL WAS GOING ON. It was Sunday DAMN IT. Why was this happening? Two people getting killed on the tracks within the space of one hour and one by our train! We should have taken the earlier train. The couple offered us a room at there place if we were to be held up too late to get to Colmar. We thanked them politely as they had been of great help to us letting us know what was going on. Although to think of it, we may have been better off not knowing.

Well we did eventually arrive in Colmar, about 4 to 5 hours late after a few, much more minor, mishaps. We found a 2 star hotel which is great and have really taken to the place. It as I said before is really beautiful. We are staying 2 days and then are off to try and find some Tour de France country side.

Hopefully the people around us will have better luck.

It doesn`seem that I can add photo`s on at this computer so will get them to you asap.`

Now you can enjoy thge photo`s.

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