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Wet morning


Swiftlets guarding the "Door of Prosperity" - edible nests

Local touring Co

Muddy Mudskipper

Old shophouse

A shophouse courtyard

Inside an old shophouse

Oldest Chinese Temple in Malaysia

Honouring loved ones that passed

Inside the oldest Chinese Temple in Malaysia


A daily morning ritual - just hanging out

That's the kind of transportation we appreciate

Local Cafe - just hanging out

Washing dishes outside - drying in the sun

Malaysian-style coffee being made

A view from above


Some old buildings

Cheese - an alley shot

Another alley

Tin shop

The year of Sparkie (Dog)!

Blacksmith shop

Blacksmith creations

Hanging out with Choon Seng

Happy dog - Spikey

Jesse and Loi

Melaka is one of the most historically significant cities in Malaysia. A 15th century port city, and the greatest trading post in SE Asia at the time, Melaka has attracted the attention of many European powers, each leving a distinct mark on the city landscape and its culture. Melaka is a medley of Chinese, Islamic and European cultures, evident by the presence of Peranakan shophouses, Portuguese and Dutch architecture, Buddhist, Taoist and Indian Temples, as well as Islamic Mosques.

We took a burn around town in early morning, before traffic filled the narrow streets. Many people out and about. Life's pace in Melaka seemed to slow down considerably when we chanced upon four Chinese men just hanging out at the Town Square, with their bikes parked at the side. They probably meet there every morning, to read papers, discuss the world around them and enjoy eachothers company.

Many men and women of all ages practicing TaiChi and yoga in parks, and empty parking lots. We rode through little streets and alleys, and witnessed the city waking up. We passed many local cafes full of locals, which gave the place a small town feel.

Melaka is also home to an awesome little bike shop - Sin Bee Hin. Our bikes received the attention they deserved. They are in excellent shape, thanks to Loi - which might come in handy if we take them with us to Borneo. But, we'll have to keep you posted about that.

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