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We've arrived, love the Roll In-Roll Out window!

Even though we tried to time it 'off hours', there was quite...

So you sign in & wait your turn, guess it's always like...

Well, everybody's finally in, had to wait to take this pic!

Gold feet lead to good food!

My honey is hungryyyyyy!

Check out this chef salad!

A 'pass around' server, yummy onion fried potatoes I hear, I can't...

Never could catch the 'roll thrower' in action so check out the...

Fried okra here...

Larry & I ordered small & I had enough left over for...

On our way home from Branson, we stopped in Ozark to visit Lambert's Cafe, home of 'throwed rolls'. And yes, I do mean THROWED! Both brother Larry & sister Elaine highly recommended this restaurant for it's giant portions, great food & for the entertainment factor. They were right on all accounts!

Visit Lambert's

Made from scratch and baked fresh all day, every day, hot rolls from Lambert's are not only fun to catch, but delicious to eat. But, like I said, the real fun is catching a roll. It's also fun watching other people catch them, or at least try to. Dozens of hot rolls are flying through the air every few minutes.

The chef salads come in a bread bowl made from the same dough as the "throwed rolls", so you can eat the salad and the bowl. A very nice lady allowed me to photograph her & her chef salad so I could show Mom the size of it. I would have loved to order one myself, but unfortunately my eating issues prevented me from ordering many of the wonderful choices that were available.

Lambert's is also known for their "pass around's" -- onion fried potatoes, fried okra, macaroni & tomatoes, and black-eyed peas which are brought around constantly and are free with any meal.

Anyway, there are now three Lambert's to choose from, two in Missouri & one in Alabama. If you get in the area, we highly recommend you stop for an enjoyable meal & a good time!

PS There are many you tube videos from folks who have visited Lambert's, so I grabbed one to show you the portions and the fun! Enjoy...


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