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Branson Belle Showboat

The Dam was working overtime

Ride the Duck in the water

White River Landing Park

Military Equipment

The original duck used in the war

Muddy Waters

The runway was busy

Missouri Weather Station

Clean waters here

Many flowers make up this beautiful butterfly

Biggest chicken ever!

Our duck

Our quacky gang

Artistic park bench in Old Town Branson

Flood waters rose to the right of the shrubs

Branson Landing

A fun way to shop Branson Landing

Riding the Duck into the lake

These trees are usually on dry land

Who's driving the boat Cap'n Dan?!

This is usually an island

The guys went here

Flying high

Us girls went shopping

Amish Buggy

We had a great time in Branson. So many things to do and see and not enough time. The weather was perfect. The humidity was starting to rise the day we left. It just zaps ya. Us folks from the desert aren't use to that!

We walked around Old Town Branson. Had lunch down at Branson Landing. That is where we saw the flood line mark when the river crested and flooded 14 feet above norm. Unreal! The fueling dock at Bass Pro broke loose up stream from Branson Landing and was stopped and tied up just before the dam down stream.

We took a fun tour thru town and out through the out line areas on Ride the Duck. What a hoot, oops quack. Because of all the flooding we didn't get to see the dam up close, but did take a different route thru the back country. It was a perfect day weather wise for riding "The Duck". Sunshine, low 80's, no humidity...Ideal! Captain Dan made it a lot of fun.

The thing I loved most about Branson was no matter what we did or where we went, our Veterans were honored. After our 1 3/4 hour tour on Ride the Duck, the guys toured the Veteran's Museum in town. Guess what us girls did? Went shopping at the Christmas Shop and had time to check out a couple other places too. A good time was had by all!

On our way back to the airport in Springfield, we stopped in to the highly recommended "Lambert's Cafe". It didn't disappoint. They toss, rather throw you hot rolls that require two hands to catch and hold. There is nothing better than a hot yeast roll! The fried potatoes & onions that were served out of a big bucket by servers walking around with them were our second favorite thing there. We didn't come away hungry for sure.

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