Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Mart's house in Montrose AL

Mart's back yard

Shirley and Mart

Two peas in a pod

Collins and Scott

Last night was turn the clocks ahead night. I wasn't feeling well, went to bed early and did not set the clocks. Shirley set her cell alarm to 7 AM and for some reason her phone did not automatically update like it should. When the alarm went off I said remember it is 8 AM but she didn't hear me. Church was at 8:30 and when I went to take my shower I said, "I guess we are not making the service". Our clock said 7:30 but it was 8:30. I came in the house and Mart was all ready to go! There was a 9:45 service and we made it in plenty of time. We stayed in Mart's circular driveway however this time we only backed in. Last time we took one of her trees and sprinkler head with us. After church and lunch it was time to leave Alabama for a while. We drove into Florida and BACK to Alabama to Dothan (205 miles). We did go through Crestview FL which is actually our official place of residence. Once in Dothan, Collins and Scott picked us up at the campground and took us to Outback Steak House for a late Christmas present. Dinner was great,topped off with Baskin Robbins ice cream across the street. Very nice seeing Collins and Scott but it was too short. We will come back and spend more time. Collins teaches at the community college and works at a plant & flower nursery. Scott is an engineer and division manager. They both are doing very well. Enjoy the pics.

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