Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Shirley put the last piece in

Our break area

The Mana Cabana

Everyone left

Shirley and Glenn

Not even the half of it

Oak tree with two trunks

Our half price site

Yes it's green

Watch out for those gators

That's the plan. By the time our travel day is over we will have been in three states. After finishing up at Sager Brown UMCOR we drove just 65 miles to Houma LA. Our site is right next to the bayou and the alligators. When we leave shortly we will head into Mississippi and end in Alabama where we plan to meet up again with a friend we saw on the first leg of our trip. I am with cold today but have some medicine for it. We very much enjoyed working at the disaster center. They average 53 volunteers a week 52 weeks a year. In 2011 UMCOR Sager Brown distributed over $8 million of donated items around the world and in the US. Enjoy the pics.

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