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Two bright and shiny new busses with matching Jeeps

Another view of the Newel coach and the plastic table & chairs...

I think this one won at the quilt show

Another pretty contribution

This was one of my favorites

Obviously the limes aren't doing to well!

A couple of weeks ago, we received what I call "a neighborhood upgrade". Two new bright and shiny "high line" busses showed up at the lot at the end of the street. I mean like the kind the rock stars use. One was a Newel coach and one was a Prevost. These busses are in the million dollar+ range. (So I tried to take a picture without being too obvious, and look like a groupie.) These high line busses sometimes come with their own drivers, who deliver the coach to your destination and all you do is jump in and unpack. They also do all the maintenance (including Change light bulbs and even dump tanks) and of course as soon as they had them parked there was a crew in to wash and detail each one. All of this is included in the price. We think they were involved in the RV show in Quartsite which is not to far from here. Someone thought they were vendors for the show. But what I found kind of amusing was that they all sat outside playing cards and drinking at a plastic table with plastic chairs. What? No gold plated lawn furniture? Anyway I enjoyed clandestinely gawking at them as I took my daily walk with Miss Zoey.

After the first of January the people started pouring into Yuma. There is definitely more people here than last year. And Lots of far away license plates. Like Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa and even Alaska. Our neighbors on the west side are from Anchorage! He is in his 80's and drove their old safari motorhome down from Alaska. But he said it is getting to much for them, and next year they will fly down. Those Alaskan people are tough! It is a long trip from Anchorage to Yuma!

As I have told you before the weather has been weird. Cold, mostly. We haven't worn a pair of shorts since early December. But most days the sun is out, so that is encouraging. The flies have been especially bad this year. (Now I know why there were quite a few fly swatters in the casita when we bought it). Since Yuma is a big farming community there are lots of fly's due to the crops, compost, fertilizer, etc., I guess?

So we have had to do lots of indoor stuff. I went to the Quilt show with my neighbor Nancy. There were lots of pretty quilts to enjoy. We also went to the home show here at the civic center and took a trip out to the date farm to get some of the first picking of the dates.

We do have a few neighborhood characters here, which you probably have anywhere. We have "The Lingerie lady", (who I haven't seen too much of this year), but last year every week day morning around 0700 she would come out in her nightie and open the gate for her husband to drive his car out and go to work. They live across the street on the backside of our property. Her husband is a marine. Once I mentioned "the Lingerie lady", all the guys started getting up much earlier and suddenly needed to take the trash out to the back of the property! But I think he must be deployed or else the honeymoon is over, because there have been no 0700 sightings so far this year.

Another character is the "bird man". He feeds the pigeons and then they poop liberally and make a big mess on the neighboring houses. He is not friendly and has multiple "No trespassing" signs posted. Nor is he receptive to requests to please not feed the birds. One of the neighbors is getting a drone to hopefully run the pooping pigeons off. I hope that works!

And we have the "Yappers". The people that have the duel barking "Poof" dogs (Spikes name for fluffy, small, yappy dogs). I think they have got a few complaints as the dogs seem to be in the "no bark" training mode.

Every Wednesday we have initiated as our weekly Happy Hour. What is Happy Hour? I didn't know myself until we stayed at Davis Mothan Air Force base in Tucson. Our neighbors at that campground were Mike and Ellen, and they invited us to a Happy hour. And it is just a get together of friends and acquaintances, to sit outside (usually) and chat for an hour or two. You bring your own refreshments and sometimes there is food to snack on. Its a chance to meet new people and old friends and catch up. So in honor of our very first Happy hour hosts, we decided to have a weekly happy hour at our place. If its really windy, or inclement weather we cancel it, or sit inside the Casita if there is only a few of us. And we start early, usually 1500, as it gets dark and chilly early in the winter. A couple weeks ago we had a Happy hour with snacks...Spike and I stuffed some dates with goat cheese, and wrapped them with prosciutto and baked them in the oven. They were a really good mix of the savory and the sweet.

The tangelo tree is still producing lovely juicy fruit and now the pink grapefruits are staring to get ripe. There is not as many as the tangelos, maybe 2 dozen overall. The lime tree has produced, but some very wimpy limes. Check out the photo. Hopefully next year will be better.

Hopefully all of you are having a good winter, where ever you are!

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