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We spent the last few days enjoying the great views, spacious camp site, and bright orange sand in Sand Hollow State Park. We had a few more campfires since from here on, it's likely that they won't be permitted where we'll be. We spent this morning driving south, changing elevation about 800', driving through the Arizona Strip to Las Vegas. We've heard people talking about the Arizona Strip, but didn't know what it was. This term refers to the strip of land in Arizona north of the Colorado River. Four-wheelers love to drive the dirt routes of the strip to the northern edge of the Grand Canyon. Apparently there were lots of folks in Utah back in the day who thought that the river was the border and were surprised to discover what state they were living in. Most of the drive was pretty flat except for one hair-raising stretch where we plummeted down those 800'. The altitude change made a huge difference in the temperature. It's in the 80's and feels like summer, but when the sun sets at 4:30 you know that winter is here. Reno/Lake Tahoe where we were just a few weeks ago has had two feet of snow, enough to close the schools. Even here in the warmth, you can drive to Mt. Charleston in less than an hour and go skiing.

The folks at our campground here said that things are really quiet on the Las Vegas strip. This is low season and people are still recovering from the trauma of the shooting slaughter here last month. However, the campground is doing fine. Many folks who stay here appear to be here for months on end or perhaps even live here permanently. There's quite a contrast between people like us with glitzy big rigs that come and go and those living in battered little trailers surrounded by detritus that they can't fit inside. We stayed here once before and the appearance of some of the full-timers gave us pause, but this campground is very well managed. You behave yourself or you're not here long. We left the motor home here two years ago, when we flew to Patagonia from here and will leave it here again when we fly home for the holidays in a few days. It's always a bit of a worry to leave it behind, but we can keep an eye on it with the new security monitor we've place inside and can monitor over the web. We're glad that we can stay plugged in to electricity and keep the food in the freezer and run the wi fi which the security system requires.

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