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2 old codgers dreaming about flying in gliders

waiting for a tow to launch

about to take off

another waiting for his tow

coming in to land

the owner towing his glider back to the hangers

Saturday 10th Sept - at Lake Keepit

Last night was a bit wild as the rain moved through. Lots of flapping and banging of the awning. Ron n Hazel didn’t like it too much so they rolled theirs in (in the rain). But most of it stopped in the middle of the night and we all got good sleep. This morning has dawned sunny but lots of cloud still hanging around, so it gets quite icy when the sun hides behind a cloud. This morning the gliders have been up in serious form. There were 6 up at the same time at one stage. The little ‘tug’ plane was kept very busy. It seems there are more thermals around today as we’ve watched them gaining height rapidly and staying up longer. The boys watched the gliders. The girls cooked dinner in the 2 DreamPots. That seems like a good allocation of duties.

After lunch the two Rons went off to the Glider Airfield to see what they could see. They received a welcome reception from one of the senior members of the club. She gave a good run down on the operation of the gliders and we watched glider after glider being taken up into the air and landing again a little later. It was certainly a highlight for us.

We shared tea together after actually scoring a happy hour/a-noon tea and then early showers to beat the cold starting to settle as fast as the sun did the same. we are expecting a cold week both here and the towns we visit as we head towards Temora.

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