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Jules, Bec and me at Warfield Pub

Sun Valley was first ski resort to use chairlifts!!

The Spa at Sun Valley Lodge

Jules and Bec in downtown Ketchum

Dinner before the Big Sick

One day of full participation at the tennis clinic!

Our inside joke...for you Jules!

Attending Ketchum Live music event

At the bottom of Bald Mountain

Oh yes, I did! Bought a Boise State shirt....

You know how you can tell who the prostitute is in the Miss America pageant? She is the one wearing the sash that says Miss I - DA - HO.

That was the joke the Southwest flight attendant shared with me and Bec as we were waiting for Jules to board the flight to Boise, Idaho. The flight attendant helped us save the exit row for the 3 of us. Yep, not even A listers anymore and on the exit row. This girls trip to Idaho was off to a great start...

Then, we discovered we were actually heading to San Diego. Huh? Denver to San Diego to Boise. Makes sense. Since I made the travel arrangements, I couldn't quite blame the others for not figuring out that it is not possible to have a 5 hour flight from Denver to Boise. Oh well...the flight attendant gave us a free drink so by 9:00 in the morning, we were flying high!

This year marked the 7th annual high school buddy trip with myself, Becky Barker (the Professor) and Jules Javernick (the Doctor). We choose Idaho because it was one of the missing pieces on my "visit each state" USA map on the back of Gypsy. None of us had been there and we had all heard fabulous feedback concerning the scenery, mountains, hiking, biking, river rafting, fishing and tennis. So much to little time.

As per a typical travel blog, I would love to site the many activities we participated in over the 4 day span. Mountains? Yep, saw fact, our beautifully appointed condo had the perfect locale nestled in the Bald Mountain/Sun Valley ski area. River rafting? Nope, never even saw the Salmon River. Fishing? Nah, not our thang! Hiking? Nada. Ok, walking? Uh, not much. Tennis? Well...sorta.

I'll sum up our activities quickly...spectacular spa at Sun Valley Lodge and partial participation in the planned tennis clinic. Ya see, from Sunday evening through our departure on Wednesday, we each encountered THE STOMACH VIRUS. It took each of us down with Jules holding off until she landed back home in Denver.

So, you must be thinking..."well, bless their hearts." Yes, it was cruddy. Yes, it was disappointing. But, yes, it was a fabulous trip. I can't really talk much about Idaho as I didn't see much, but what I saw was lovely. Wide open spaces, beautiful scenery, friendly people, and lovely weather (it was, after all, summer).

Ultimately, it was the friendship that mattered. We could have been in Tenbucktwo and we would have had a great time. The three of us are a good balance, and I would say complement each other well. Jules was a trooper throughout the ordeal...fetching us ginger ale, cooking us soup and crackers, and keeping busy by reading and attending a tennis clinic by herself during our 3 and 4 hour daily naps. But, we laughed. We played Psych (I sucked). We cried a little. We vented. And, we shared our blessings...for each of our lives and for our long lasting friendship!

No, I won't remember Idaho for the cool hikes, national or state parks, or the outdoorsman activities. No, I'll remember Idaho for the inside jokes, laughter, and friendship I was blessed to share with my two close buddies from Ada, Oklahoma.


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