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Carpe Diem at HWH customer service

Driving along Iowa's county roads

Carpe Diem in the HWH repair facility

Mon, 25 Jul: Back on the road again...

After three plus weeks in Forest City Iowa this morning was finally time to move on. We were attending the Winnebago Grand National Rally and pre-rally, first as parkers and during the rally as coffee hander outers.

Because we've been dry camping we needed to add fresh water to our water tank and empty those pesky waste holding tanks. That done, we hooked up the car, completed our check lists, and rolled wheels at 0835.

Our initial route was along Iowa's county roads to I 35. We love driving along these back roads surveying the rich crops and tidy farms on both sides. Farming is big business in this corner of Iowa and it is pretty evident.

South of Mason City we transitioned from I 35 to US 18, aka the "Saints Highway" as it connects Saint Paul with Saint Louis. At Waterloo we picked up I 380 south thru Cedar Rapids to Iowa City and I 80. We exited here and visited Costco and then Wal*Mart for some victuallying. While at Costco, given as it was noon-ish, we also dined at Chez Costco.

Back on I 80 eastbound at 1345 another thirty mile to the Moscow (IA) exit. We pulled into the HWH Service Facility at 1425, disconnected Carpe Dinkum, and backed the coach into a courtesy 50a site for the nite. Today's run was 218 miles with an overall fuel economy of 8⅞ mpg.

We're scheduled in for service at 0700 tomorrow morning. HWH manufactures the coach's hydraulic systems that operate the room slides as well as the levelling jacks. We've been having an intermittent hydraulic pump issue and hope the experts here can nail why.

Tue, 26 Jul: Some folks know how to do it right...

An alarm clock morning. Way too many of these of late, but this one was worth it.

We had to have Carpe Diem ready to roll at 0700 this morning. As we've previously noted, it takes the same amount of effort to move the coach 200 feet as it does for 200 miles. So, the alarm went off at 0600 and by 0655 we had gone thru our checklists, stowed the slides, retracted the jacks, and built up air in the air system.

At 0700 sharp we were assigned repair dock #1 and Sandi pulled it in. The tech, Brad, came out and we discussed the symptoms and other issues. We hopped into the car and drove to the north side of the interstate to a truckstop with a Subway outlet. We split a foot-long breakfast thingie and then back to HWH where we sat in the car reading and playing with our phones.

A bit after eight Brad walked up to the car and said he'd found a problem, repaired and aligned the system, and asked us to try it out. It turns out that he found a faulty 3,000 psi sensor, which he replaced. We cycled all systems which worked flawlessly. We backed the coach out of the shop and reparked it. Once connected and set up we went into the office and settled our tab. As with previous visits, HWH did a great job at a very reasonable price.

So, here we are parked at the HWH customer parking area and will hit the road in the morning. Our destination is north-central Arizona, some 1,550 miles from here. Our scheduled arrival is the middle of next week, some eight days hence. We'll figure on 200+ miles/day and see how it goes. Much as we'd love to blacktop boondock at Wal*Marts the heat makes that uncomfy as we really like our air conditioning.

So, we're shooting for somewhere in eastern Nebraska tomorrow and go from there...

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