Almost the Whole Pacific Coast - Winter/Spring 2016 travel blog

We got up in the dark, ate breakfast in the dark and arrived at the airport in the dark. We weren't alone; the plane was totally full. Three hours later we were back in the big city with bright blue skies and warm temperatures. The parka and hiking boots are in the bottom of the suitcase once again. As the bus neared the hotel, we entered total gridlock in the narrow, old street. Each block had a traffic light and each light changed three times before we got through. We didn't remember the traffic being quite so bad when we were here last. Two blocks from the hotel the reason became clear. University students had shut down the street with a strike. Luis said that Argentinians have the right to protest whenever and wherever they want without police interference. In Chile protestors have to apply ahead of time for permission to protest and are told when and where their protests can be held. So, we got off the bus and walked the last few blocks to the hotel, leaving our suitcases behind. Another cultural experience.

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