Today Ross & Marge left Bismarck around 0830 after watching the Robin Williams move, RV. They have seen the movie before but since they were early and were going to pick up another hour when crossing from Central to Mountain Time they decided to see the movie to its end. The movie is a great exaggeration of RV'ing but by the same token it covers just about everything that can go wrong with an RV and it's a great reminder that RV also means REPAIR VEHICLE.

The weather at the time they left Bismarck was overcast and very damp. Neither Ross nor Marge heard any rain during the night but everything was wet and if it didn't rain it must have been a very dense dew or fog. They got onto the highway headed west and the wind was just a slight breeze coming from the southeast. About 50 miles down the road the wind began to shift to the north and the clouds became more and more dense and eventually they were running in and out of rain showers. The wind speed became more intense the further west they traveled and by the time they entered Montana it was a real challenge to keep the motorhome going in a straight line.

As they traveled west they observed a great deal of evidence of the oil boom taking place in North Dakota. There were at least six large drilling rigs and numerous storage tanks along the way. The terrain became rolling hills rather than a flat plain and every acre that wasn't plowed was green. North Dakota is definitely not in a drought situation.

Ross refueled in Beach, North Dakota located at Exit Number 1 on I94. The Flying J changed their diesel fuel price as Ross and Marge were driving up the Exit 1 off ramp. Diesel went from $4.11 cash and $4.17 credit to $4.15 cash and $4.21 credit. There was a CENEX Station across the road where diesel was $4.15 cash and $4.19 credit so Ross topped off at the CENEX Station.

The campground in Glendive is an old campground but surprisingly it has full hook-ups and 50 amp electrical with a sewer connection at each site. The campground is occupied with long term campers with the only overnighter being Ross & Marge. There is no WIFI at the campground but the Autonet that Ross and Marge have onboard the motorhome worked great so they have internet access today. Marge called Dish and they now have the local major networks channels for this geographical area.

Surprisingly there are 18 restaurants in this town located in the middle of no-where. One is a Chinese restaurant and since Marge has been longing for a good Chinese dinner for some time that is where we will have dinner this evening.

That is all for now,

Ross & Marge

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