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day 30 nite and steak dinner on the river walk... these are very good nite photos of the walk, the alamo not full of people and lighted horse carriages people ride at nite... if you do not view all our photos, you should these, not bad for a cheapo camera and hand held... also our return bus ride at night was a trip going through several shot-meter of 10+++ communities and we were diverted around the spurs game roads taking us over an hour getting back to the KOA camp. where we were was a pure guess, at night on the bus, who's windows were greasy dirty, you could not see... all we know, we kept turning, god only knows what roads!!! as it turned out, the spurs were beat 31 on to some country dancin' at the oldest dance hall in texas in greene tx.  

our photos:

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sheriff ron & deputy bebe mcgehee

we are living for "beyond" the moment

ps) please remenber, all these day emails, photo links and our trip stuff are also our online diary, we share them with those who care to see them, we are not trying to be show-boaters of our trips. anytime you care not to receive these, please let us know...but for those who do like viewing them,  we thank you for viewing them and your comments, we have a very large list of viewers thru the years of travel so it may take us awhile to reply to your reply emails...

ron & bb...

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