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Emmett & Catherine Brollier on Cobble Beach (tide pools)

Moving the construction poles at the "IC" - fighting the weight and...

One more view of the struggle in the rain and wind.

Ben and Marsha McCool in the Interpretive Center (IC)

Thought you all might like a pic of this hot surfer dude...

a sunset shot taken north of Newport

Sunset shot, same day as the last shot, just a different place

Rick takes such nice pictures...don't you agree?

'Never get tired of the lighthouse!

Hey Laura - This one's for you! 'All dressed up in the...

On March 1st we were assigned to the Interpretive Center (IC) and tide pools for a couple hours then we switched duties for two more hours. Rick took the first IC shift and got his coat on and left the building within just a few minutes while I settled in at the front desk. There were a handful of visitors in the building. As I watched them move about I couldn't help but think I KNEW one of them. He never approached the counter and I just couldn't stand not knowing for sure so I went right up to him. "Excuse me sir. Would you mind telling me your name?" (boy that was awkward, but I couldn't figure out any other way to find out who he was. "My name is Emmett Brollier." OMG!!!! (Emmett was the manager of First Security Bank/Wells Fargo Bank in Jerome for many years) I told him my name and asked if he had already talked to Rick. "No." I couldn't believe that they hadn't noticed each other when Emmett, his wife Catherine and their two friends came into the facility! I radioed Rick to let him know they were here so he could greet them when they went down to the tide pools. What a bright spot in our day!

We got one more big wind storm on Wednesday, March 2nd...yuck! Fortunately it only lasted about four hours so this time the "no knockin'" sign wasn't out all night and we actually got some sleep. The gusts were recorded at up to 80 mph knocking out power North of us and ended up causing a lot of damage to the huge tent that had been used for the Seafood and Wine Festival! (The bayfront is much more protected than we are)

On Friday we accepted an invitation to play cards/games with the State Park volunteers at South Beach campground. (Our new neighbors, Keith and Whendy, volunteered for the State before taking this job and had asked us to join them) We had a great time.

Saturday we got our second suprise visit. Rick reported in at the IC at noon, took a look at the guest book and lo-and-behold.... "Ben and Marsha McCool, Jerome ID". No Way!!! and We MISSED them!!! Rick radioed me at Cobble Beach to see if they were down there. - nope - we really had missed them. DANG!! Rick called a friend to get Ben's phone # because neither of us had their numbers in our phones. Once he got in touch with Ben they agreed to come back to see us. Yeah! Again, our Idaho visitors had to make two stops to see both of us, but it was SO wonderful. We really wanted to have dinner with them but we were scheduled to help out at a fund-raiser spaghetti dinner at a church in Toledo. (The Boy Scouts and church youth were raising money for their camp trips) Ben and Marsha looked great!!

Because we wanted to help vs. just attend and eat at the fund-raiser they had to let us leave early from work - oh darn! Rick was put to work washing dishes and me? - they assigned me to waiting tables. Now that's hilarious; the only job I was ever fired from in my entire life guessed it....waiting tables. I gave every guest my disclaimer..."...not a waitress....been fired from the job before..." Between the disclaimer and the kids helping we did an ok job.

On our days off we took more scenic drives...finding Toledo and another trip to Lincoln City. So here are a few more pics.

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