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Pulling into the Shilshole Marina

What a cool place with a lot of traffic! We spent 3 nights at the Shilshole marina and had a great time. Some places just seem to have it all. Close proximity to shopping, restaurants, a feeling of being away from the city and very nice people. We have enjoyed very moderate temps to the low 50's with sunshine and no rain. No rain for at least two weeks now. This has greatly contributed to our fun. The Shilshole marina is touted as the largest marina north of Marina Del Rey. Let's just say it's a much, much smaller version of Marina Del Rey. There is a very long boarwalk along the marina with nice walking trails, a sandy beach on the Sound, ponds with ducks and an awesome hiking trail/stair trail which heads steeply up the hillside to some nicely understated homes. We counted 305 steps each way and of course the drill seargent thinks that twice is almost enough if we run and walk far too.

People who live and travel on boats are part of a small community. On our morning jaunt yesterday we ran into a guy that we played volleyball with on the beach in Zihuatenejo, Mexico last January. Since last March he sailed to French Polynesia, then north to Hawaii, then back to Seattle. Wow! He and his wife still live aboard but the boat is now up for sale and they will be moving back ashore. It was just so funny to run into him thousand of miles away from where we met him. The manager of the West Marine next to the marina is a cruiser too. She and hubby have sailed from Fiji to Hawaii to Seattle. It's a small world afterall :)

We also had an interesting experience here on Super Bowl Sunday. It just occurred to us that we really needed to go find a place to watch the game to get a feel for the locals. So the kid at Radio Shack suggested we walk down the block to the Old Peculiar Pub. We walked in, the people nor the seating looked friendly and we noticed a potluck that said (on paper plates) White Trash Potluck. We considered ever so slightly then decided we really didn't think this was a good fit. Next stop, the chain Mexican restaurant, Azteca which has a big Superbowl beer banner outside and is just a block away. Thinking, okay El Torito at home would fit we enter. The seats at the bar are filled with the help (bartender, waiters, busboys, etc.) who are all watching a soccer game. We ask, "Superbowl"?. They all say sure, change the channel sit us down (we are the only customers in the whole restaurant). Aside from our quite conversation the only sound in the place is the TV. So we slurp down our beer and decide to just go home....On the way back to the car we spot Lombardi's. This restaurant is touted as a friendly local Italian restaurant and was recommended to us by the bartender at Ray's a really nice marina restaurant the night before. With lowered expectations we enter. What a pleasant surprise! "Come on in. What would you like? We have happy hour specials", etc. etc. Yahoo. We drank, we watched, we ate, we watched till the very end. We got lucky again.

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