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Carcross road to Skagway, AK

Remnant of old mine structure on left side of road

Low clouds on descent into US Border station

Bridge we'll be passing over

Skagway, AK Border Station

As I pulled out of Carcross, I noticed that my trailer brakes were not "connected" and did not work. I was a little concerned since we had a 10 mile 9% down grade into Skagway ahead of us. As we descended to the US Border Point, I used the engine break and occasional coach breaks to keep it rolling at a maximum speed of 35-40 mph (the posted limit). After clearing customs, we drove into low level clouds and lost sight of the road and the coach in front of us. I turned on my flashers, fog lamps and slowed to 20 mph - I couldn't even see the guard rail on the right side. The road had recently been resurfaced and didn't have any painted lines on it. Fortunately, we popped out of the cloud bank in about 150 yards.

Skagway sits in the bottom of a valley formed my mountains (with glaciers) on both sides. The Skagway River is also there. So the town is three blocks wide and 25 blocks long. Our RV Park is right adjacent to the deep water docks. When we arrived there were 5 cruise ships docked. The White Pass & Yukon tracks also are here. The train goes onto the docks to pick up cruise ship passengers. It runs from Skagway through Carcross to Whitehorse, YT, our next destination. It follows the path the Yukon gold miners took north from Skagway. There also are scores of tour operators, horse and buggy taxis, helicopter tour outfits to cater to the tourists. It is very busy for such a small place. The 4 PM White Pass & Yukon train just rolled past me, doing my blog, across the road on its 3 hour evening tour.

Tonight we go into town to see a show about some of the early Skagway con men and their antics. It's supposed to be very entertaining.

Tomorrow, we have to get a few groceries and do some laundry. We will also take the 4 PM White Pass & Yukon train for our tour. After that, we all go out to have a fresh fish dinner.

Wednesday's plan is to take a 3 hour hydrofoil boat ride from Skagway to Juneau, AK for the day.

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