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At Mac's Oysters, Fanny Bay - yummy oysters!

White wild rose at Salmon Point

The beach at Salmon Point

Looking back at our site from the beach

New age lighthouse at Salmon Point

Jellyfish washed up on the beach

Larry's friend Jolene

On the way to Port McNeill

Storm coming into Alder Bay, Port McNeill

That storm is over!

We actually saw the sun.

View from Telegraph Point

New development at Telegraph Point, just past Telegraph Cove

RV Park, Telegraph Cove


Buildings have been restored and named/numbered with historical descriptions.

These are suites for rent or sale.

Englewood Forest Products sort, Beaver Cove

A little tug

An armful of smaller logs

An armful of bigger logs

He's backing up full speed with these!

Self explanatory (he's a Vancouver Canuck for those who don't know!)

No, this wasn't in a zoo - he was at the side...

Coast Guard ship at Port Hardy

Alert Bay ferry

Our Port McNeill campground from the ferry

Alert Bay

Totems at the burial ground



Big House

Welcome sign

The burial grounds serve as a directional landmark!

Heavy chop off Salmon Point, Campbell River

A rainbow along the surface of the ocean

View from our front window, Salmon Point

Choppy seas

We left the wedding venue on Sunday, August 24 in the pouring rain. The drive to Salmon Point Resort near Campbell River was uneventful. It's a very beautiful spot, right on the beach. On the way we stopped at Fanny Bay for oysters - they're the best in the world! The weather had cleared up around Parksville and stayed nice. We went to the restaurant at the RV Park for dinner and had Jolene, a friend of Larry's over for a drink after dinner. They dated in Estevan, SK when they were much younger!

On the 26th we drove to Port McNeill. The rain held off for most of the day, but soon after we arrived, we watched a storm blow in across the water and it really rained after that. We drove to Telegraph Cove to explore. It's changed quite a bit since we were there last. They have tidied everything up, put a lot of signs on the old buildings explaining their history, and created another boardwalk on the other side of the cove. There is also quite a nice RV Park there now as well as development beginning out on Telegraph Point. Amazing!

On the 27th, while still based at Port McNeill, we drove up to Port Hardy in search of some fresh fish. We found one place but they weren't very nice and all we could get were big pieces of halibut and salmon - too much for us and our small freezer.

On the 28th, we took the little ferry over to Alert Bay with the car and looked around there. It's quite picturesque but not much was open. Maureen visited the "museum" which was half the size of the RV. We also had a nice lunch before taking the ferry back again.

On the 29th we returned to Salmon Point in Campbell River. We were able to find some excellent fresh halibut which they vacuum-packed for us. Very nice people! It was a bit stormy when we arrived with quite a wind.

On the 30th we headed for Sechelt. This involved the Comox to Powell River ferry and the Saltery Bay to Earls Cove ferry. We were very early for each of them so this ensured that we got on. We were a little worried because it was the long weekend but traffic was unbelievably light. The Saltery Bay to Earls Cove ride is about 50 minutes and very beautiful. A surprising view of a big waterfall was visible around the first bend.

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