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Kansas scenery

Corn fields and sky

Straight roads went on forever

Bet you could get this one cheap. A small fixer upper!

Kansas and Nebraska

Boy what can we say about Kansas and Nebraska. Not much. The Fontana's and the Evans just drove through Kansas with one stop in Russell overnight and then on to Colby Kansas and a sharp turn north to head into Nebraska so we could add that state to our map. The Fine's stopped in Abilene to visit the Eisenhower library and then they drove straight through to Colorado.

We can know see why everyone says that you only have to drive through there once. It was very flat and the road went on for miles and miles. No wonder they have tornadoes out there. God bless those folks who choose to live there.

Dick and Gail, we are headed west also. We may even beat you home! Sure miss you two and Rocky too!

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