Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

The sweat shop

But it's air conditioned

Fabric cutting

Team sewers

Product line

Carol on our shipping team

Deb from TN

James boxing

Deanne gettin' more stuff

Boxin' it up

Moving the load

The deck on the bayou

Vespers worship service

Special music from special people

Today is get away day and we bid fond farewell to those fine folks we have met here at Sager Brown. It is very rewarding doing the Lord's work with people who are just trying to make a difference. Very honest, very non-political, very friendly and very fun! Of course we all have our views but it seems like they are put on hold when we volunteer. Still have work to finish but many are going home early. Shirley held down the sewing room Thursday with the help of a number of other seamstress's. I went to a battered woman's shelter and worked in the library. A very real moment for me was the wooden cut outs of the silhouettes of the women who came to the shelter and left only to be killed by their abuser. After lunch it was back to the shipping department for moi. I have left some sweat equity here at Sager Brown, another wonderful experience. Enjoy the pics.

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