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What a gathering

Having fun


Too cute

Great floating device

Over capacity?

Nice patriotic boat

Party time on Bridgewater Channel

Fun concession booth

Looking down from the London Bridge

Light post on the London Bridge

Now I've been on both London Bridges - Here & Great Britian

The restaurant on the other end of the bridge

Lots of big fast boats here

I would like to have one of these

Nice old car crossing the bridge

My kind of water vessel

Family time

What is spring break without pasties?

Sporting his new hat...I like it

Fun glasses on this musician


I spotted another lighthouse

Spring break started this weekend in Lake Havasu City and what a wild and crazy party it is! We had to monitor the pictures that we included on this post to keep it family friendly. I've heard about spring break parties, but this is the first time that I've seen it up close and personal, and you can be sure that I wouldn't want my daughter to be a part of it, or my sons for that matter. Lots of drinking, lots of skin, and lots of loose behavior, and that was during the day. Can you imagine what goes on after dark. It looked to us like a drunken orgy.

Lake Havasu City was incorporated in 1978 and became a legal municipality in 1987. The Colorado River runs through Lake Havasu and is backed up by the Parker Dam, creating Lake Havasu Lake. Lake Havasu, at an elevation of 450 feet, was formed in 1938 with the completion of Parker Dam. Parker Dam is the deepest dam in the world with 73% of its structural height of 320 feet being below the original riverbed. Base thickness is 100 feet. Lake Havasu, the reservoir of water for the Colorado River and Central Arizona Project Aqueducts, can store nearly 211 billion gallons of water. More than 1 billion gallons of water flow to California each day through the Aqueduct System and another 1.3 billion each day to central and southern Arizona. Parker Dam is 155 miles south of Hoover Dam on the Colorado River. Lake Havasu has a shoreline of 45 miles.

The existing London Bridge in Lake Havasu City was opened in London, England in 1831. It was purchased for $2,460,000 and shipped 7000 miles from London to Lake Havasu City and reassembled stone by stone. The cornerstone was laid in Lake Havasu City in 1968 and it was opened in 1971.

We'll be spending today here and then will head out for home tomorrow morning. It has been a most pleasant stay here and we'll very likely return here again some time in the future.

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