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Taking a tour of the facility

Very nice

Close up

Great campus

Listening to our tour guide another Shirley

Sager Brown museum

Gym turned to a rec center

This is a Methodist facilty

This is hard to believe but today is our 1 year anniversary being on the road as full time RV'ers. I remember telling people we were full timers early in our trip and those who were said, "Wait and see how long it lasts". Well, it has and we are still having a GREAT time. So much that we have extended our trip at least another 6 months. I can't recap in this space but take a close look at the map and see where we have been (straight lines are flights to Utica from Tucson and Alaska from Seattle). It seems like it was just yesterday we left our Decatur GA home. We thank you SO MUCH for following us daily on this journey. You have no idea the motivation to keep doing this blog I have when seeing how many are reading. Thank you. As I have for every month, here are some stats for the 12 months (including one day for the leap year bonus). We have travelled in the truck 29,274 miles, diesel cost was $9,896.18 with the average price per gallon of $3.92.9. Our average miles per gallon is 11.63. We have spent $5,467.30 on lodging with a net savings from clubs,etc (total cost to us $60)of $1,238.98. Our average cost per night is $14.78 (add 6% tax.Not all states have tax) net cost $15.67. We have spent $3,164.53 on fun sight seeing stuff with a savings of $663.35 (coupons, AAA etc.) We have had 131 nights of FREE CAMPING. This includes 4 nights at Walmart, 5 nights of free campgrounds, a ton of nights working at NOMAD projects and numerous nights in driveways and backyards of our our fantastic friends and wonderful relatives. NOTE: this amounts to 36% of our nights. Special shout out to my father who continues to be the most generous person I have ever met. I love you Dad and thanks. We continue to be very blessed and have enjoyed every day of our adventure meeting so many wonderful folks. Midway through our service to Sager Brown, Shirley brought her sewing machine and spent the day making more baby gowns. I really pushed it in the warehouse and am a bit sore. Wednesday is a half day and we're taking advantage by going to Avery Island, the Tabasco capital of the world. We are going to celebrate our anniversary going on a tour and having a Cajun dinner. Thank you SO much for being with us for the part of the year where you came aboard and there is plenty of room for more. Enjoy the pics!

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