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Rosa Parks museam was inspirational

First Confederate White House

WWI memorial statue

River front... center of the slave trade






Jeff Davis


Outside the memorial looking in




On our trip to Montgomery we discovered that the "lynching memorial" was closed on all Tuesdays so we quickly set up our rig and dashed to downtown Montgomery so that we could see it (it was Monday). Much to our surprise, it was closed for maintenance! Same story with the accompanying museum. Bummer. I don't usually do this, but here is a link that explains what is going on with the Equal Justice Initiative:

We did walk around the outside and took a few photos and then implemented plan B.

State Capitol

Rosa Parks Museum (well worth the time and $$$)

First Confederate White House... Having lived in Richmond for 25 years we were very familiar with the second one.

River Front.... center of US slave trade

Hank Williams Museum

We saw quite a bit. A few notes: We are obviously yankees at heart and found the history of the deep south during slave times, Jim Crow, and early civil rights era pretty objectionable. It does seem, however, that the people acknowledged their failures and embraced the changes to their culture. One telling line: "Montgomery was the center of segregation and the birthplace of civil rights"

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