Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Carolyn and Gordon's house

Our spot in the driveway

Beautiful sunroom

Marcy contemplating

Max posing

Marcy relaxing

Checking the score and the Braves are loosing

Calvin and Carolyn

Marcy, me and Shirley

Marcy lost the bet

Cajun restaurant

Max snuggling

The song is pronounced Luzianna Saturday Night but when I looked it up it is spelled as the state. The locals pronounce the state differently than the rest of us. We lazed around a lot today but really hit it hard late. We went to visit Calvin and Carolyn a mile or so away. As we chatted, Carolyn brought out strawberry shortcake then Calvin sent us off with a bit of boudan a Cajun meat sausage. Then we headed to a full Cajun restaurant for dinner. The craw-fish etouffee was excellent. The two girls fixed the wardrobe doors which house Shirley's clothes. Shirley even used my idea for a fix. Now that is something! I defrosted the freezer and put the bug screen back on the truck. We will be off to church tomorrow and then leaving for our week at the Methodist Disaster Center known as Sager-Brown. It is not too far down the road. I am sure some of the supplies will be going to the areas hit by the tornadoes. It has been great being with Marcy, she is such a nice person. Since she is Carolyn's daughter that is not surprising. Enjoy the pics.

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