Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Looks a lot like the Everglades

The blushing bride

The handsome groom

Views of the marsh

Blue byou

See our camper

Maybe you can see it better now

OK now you can see it

Anchor found by a trawler in the 80's

Doctor's office on display

Relax, the Dr. will be right with you

His medicine cabinet

Thomas Jefferson Chambers' home

The boys on Chambers' stairs. This county is named after him

Very nicely done memorial park at the AMVETS


The city we are staying in is Anahauc, pronounced Anna-wack with the accent on Anna. So now we all know. We had a very nice day. Lazed around in the morning until the sun broke through the clouds about noon. Shirley is feeling better so we took a bike ride. We tried to go south to ride to the gulf but the winds knocked us back. We made it to the boat ramps and there was a nature walk into the marsh. We looked for alligators but didn't see any. Then we decided to bike into town just a mile. Small town America but it was very neat. We stopped into the courthouse to get a camping permit a day late. They asked my name and wrote it onto the mirror tag with a three day stay. No charge but don't understand why it was necessary since they didn't record any information. Not as nice a day as yesterday which was 80 and windy. Today was a tad more overcast and mid 70's but with more wind. Heading to Aunt Carolyn's tomorrow. She's not there but her daughter Marcy is. How strange is this? We saw Marcy and Nathan in Cheyenne WY in the summer. We saw Carolyn and Gordon on our way to Texas in late March. Carolyn and Gordon are RV traveling and Marcy has escaped the cold. What a tangled web we weave. Enjoy the pics.

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