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Bush Compound, Kennebunkport

Kennebunkport Harbor

Kennebunkport Beach

Interesting House, Kennebunkport

Had to clean up the pantry, as we had a petro pack orange juice container spring a leak. Rubbed through from all the bouncing around. Hadn't noticed the leak, but had been wondering why we had so many fruit flys in the pantry. Quite a mess!! Wound up cleaning and organizing the pantry and the fridge. Turns out there was also water in the krisper in the fridge as a drainage pipe was plugged and the defrost water overflowed. Made a salad and cooked a pot of green bean soup. Had lunch at the rv.

After lunch drove south down the coast to Kennebunkport. Pretty town, but it was still crazy busy. Can't imagine what it would be like in the summer!!! Drove out to Walker Point to see the Bush family compound. Lots of big old houses in the area. Must have been a very prosperous area years ago!!! Boat building and fishing must have been lucrative!! Went back to Sacko, and stopped to pick up some things we forgot yesterday. Had supper at Jump N Jakes in Old Orchard. Missed out my last lobster dinner, as they had just run out. We settled for Haddock. Beautiful sunny day today!!!

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