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The lads walking down an incline.

The view from our path this morning. Clouds in the valley but...


El Camino - Day 25

Maximum elevation = 896m, minimum elevation = 421m. 5 - 17 degrees. Sunny.

A crisp morning to head out into. But, an early climb to the maximum elevation for the day soon warmed us up. Today's walk went up, around and down the beautiful green hills in this region. Cattle, mostly dairy and green pastures all around. The paths and country lanes lined with trees. We barely saw or heard a car all day. What we did see was an elusive cuckoo, sitting on powerless in the field beside us, cuckooing and displaying away. I'd like to think just for us! The villages today were often but more like family farms. Bars to get a coffee were more rare. The biggest town today was Sarria, at the lowest elevation so a big descent, at the 18km mark where we stopped for lunch - hambergesas again. The afternoon saw us on similar paths winding our way slowly back up to about 660m and the tiny village of Morgade - probably really just the family run bar/restaurant/accommodation we're staying in. According to their blurb, 101.986km to Santiago.

With roughly 100km to go,we should arrive in Santiago in 4 days. But my headcold is a reminder of how fragile this journey is. Blisters, sore feet, shins, knees, shoulders and headcolds could still derail us. So, send us your best wishes, your prayers, your crossed fingers and we will do our best to get up each day and keep walking towards Santiago.

Today's distance = 30km

Total distance = 685km

Yellow VW count unchanged.

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