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TV reporters standing at the airport lamenting the size of the crowds, seem to have become part of the holiday tradition, whether there really are crowds or not. Granted by flying home on the Monday before Thanksgiving, we were intentionally trying to avoid the worst of it, but you couldn't have asked for a smoother trip home. And we know holiday crowds at the airport. The evening we returned to O'Hare after Christmas when weather delays had totally snarled much of the northern US, there were so many suitcases without owners around the baggage carousels that we literally could not walk.

Because we were flying home today, we did not really need any luggage at all, except for our beloved laptops. There are clothes in the motor home; there are clothes at home. Admittedly, whenever I have something in mind to wear, chances are that it is not where I am, but that's hardly worth a complaint. An ├╝ber driver picked us up at the campground and took us to the airport for less than $20. Just like like time, he had a hard time locating us exactly. It would be nice to hear the history of how our campground was built. It looks like five little campgrounds jammed together and even with GPS the drivers never seem to come to exactly where we are, which is in the front of the office next to the highway. There were no lines at the airport for us. We had no bags to check and with trusted traveler status, our shoes and belts stayed on. Lots of time for a leisurely breakfast. The plane was full, but everyone was well behaved and polite. Again, those stories you see on TV where people go ballistic and have to be hauled out of the plane kicking and screaming are the rare exception. We landed a bit early and the limo had us home in under an hour.

It feels a bit strange to be at home again, but we are looking forward to seeing friends and family and decorating the halls. We must admit it's much colder here, but that's to be expected. Unless something noteworthy occurs, we'll start sharing travel experiences again once we start traveling again.

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