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Friday 9th Sept - at Lake Keepit - Tamworth

Yet another sunny start to the day, but not sure how long it will last as there is a large weather pattern moving across from SA expected to bring rain. RonG has decided to put up the other end of the annex to provide a bit more protection from any wind coming from the south west. We had morning tea then headed into Tamworth to restock the larder and frig. Tamworth main street will be a very pretty picture when the trees all break out in leaf in a couple of weeks time. It would also be great to see it in autumn when the leaves are starting to change colour and fall. Lunch was had in town and we ambled from one shop to another. The most exciting part was RonG picking up a SS Vest from Rivers for the princely sum of $8. Bargain eh?

Back to Lake Keepit and now the weather is starting to close in. Rain most of the way back to the park and when we arrived most of the afternoon light had gone. Fair dinkum, it must be a conspiracy says the two Rons - this girls have dodged afternoon tea and happy hour again. Three days in a row now, the cheese will go mouldy and the Prideaux’ wine will go OFF.

The wind has picked up although there is very little rain, and the van is now constantly rocking and the awning banging around. Jan hates nights like this. Hopefully the bureau will be right for once and we should have clearing weather late tomorrow a.m.

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