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Just what we need - food!

Just making sure we leave!

At Sea

Now heading south (slightly south east ?) for our next port of call in Mexico.

Sun, blue sea – this feels more like a “Cruise”.

Usual quiet day busy doing nothing. Again we lost an hour, so there was even less time to do nothing in.

The sun came round to our balcony about 2pm – simultaneously the clank of china and “light conversation” started in Foghorn side as they had Afternoon Tea, and the usual game of Balcony Furniture Jenga started to the right. Still, they will have to try harder than that to stop me sitting in the sun……to begin with it was “far too hot” until about 6pm by which time it was just “phew that’s hot”, but suddenly the sun drops behind a swathe of horizon-level cloud, a breeze comes up and it is “evening”. About 5 minutes later, it is dark. But still warm.

Meanwhile, (though not all afternoon), J did the washing again, you really needed to hear that. Hopefully, it will be for the last time….weather permitting. Have I said we still have 3 weeks left ?

Posh Dinner tonight – they offer 5 courses instead of the usual 4, so no wonder they end up with a massive queue at ¼ to 9pm, which we were at the back of, as of course the first diners do not finish as quickly as usual……we had some “interesting” table sharers tonight, had to do some tactful conversation steering as some of their views seemed either a little odd or somewhat extreme, not sure which – like, London “not being ours” any more. Erm ? It was British when we left 4 weeks ago….has there been some kind of coup ? Boris declared independence ? We find it hard to get news, so actually, I suppose it is possible….

Lack of “proper” news can be frustrating - trying to find out about the earthquakes in Japan; two on Thursday and the bigger one in Kimamoto today; the latter is about 15-20 miles across the bay from the Shimabara Peninsula which we visited, so it is likely that the area we were in will have experienced some damage or disruption being so close – however, information and news is very hard to get. We have BBC World news, on which it is basically “oh, and Japan had another earthquake”, SkyNews on which it does not feature as no celebrities were involved, and SkySports News on which it does not feature as no sporting events were disrupted. On the plus side, we are now very well up in Asian business news and the politics of east Africa……

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