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The flight from Buenos Aries to Dallas couldn't have been smoother. While the Business Class seats lacked lumbar support, we had a good start on a night's sleep during the ten hour flight. We made up almost an hour of flying time and landed in Dallas before the airport opened. Then we had to wait on the ground for twenty minutes before we could get off. The Dallas airport is as big as O'Hare and well marked. We came in on the D concourse, picked up our bags, went through electronic customs and immigration, put the bags back on the belt and took a tram to concourse A. The whole operation took about 45 minutes so we had time to visit the Admiral's Club once more while we were still lah-di-dah people. Business Class flying domestically is not worth the extra price. The seats did not recline much and they ran out of our breakfast choice. We took off late from Dallas, because there weren't enough co-pilots to go around. Our nephew-in-law better hurry up and finish his commercial pilot training. They are clearly short handed. Whine, whine, whine.

The flight into Las Vegas had gorgeous views. We looked down on Lake Meade, the strip and the red rock lands that we enjoyed when we were here last month. Things were hopping at the Las Vegas airport. It looked like people were already here for a long weekend even though it was only 9am when we arrived. We contacted an Über driver and five minutes later she was there. What a wonderful service! The motor home was in the campground right where we had left it. The DVR was recording shows, the fridge was cold and all was well with the world. Although I am dead tired, I cannot sleep. Jet lag is not my friend. Since daylight savings time kicked in while we were gone, we only have four time zones to adjust to.

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