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Cal Expo RV Park entrance

Our parking lot "campsite"

Well, it’s time to do some “work”. We left our wonderful Lakeside campsite in Pahrump last Thursday and drove to Sacramento with an overnight stop in Fernley, Nevada. We had planned to stay at the Placer County Fairgrounds in Roseville because it would have been so very close to family and appointments we’ll be making, but that, disappointingly, didn’t work out. So we made the last minute decision to come back to Cal Expo.

Cal Expo’s RV park is a big gravel parking lot with some RVs parked very close together. So for the next short while we’ll be looking at the sides of motorhomes, their water, electric and sewer pipes as part of the view out the dining windows, and a fence, gravel parking lot with junky things for the fairgrounds here at Expo plus the levy berm/bike trail out our back window. At least we’re not looking at the back or front of the rig of someone else out our big picture window. And it’s fairly quite, except for the night they had the horse races – but that was fun to listen to. And it continues to be fun towatch the trotters put through their exercise work during the day – going ‘round and ‘round the track, sometimes two horses at a time with one sulky rider.

So, our first and foremost reason to come to Sacramento at this time was to see if Dan’s orthodontic work could be called “complete”. That original appointment was scheduled for January, but they put it off until February. Even then we could tell they were not ready, so we called to postpone, for an additional two weeks, from Pahrump. The orthodontist, who is a perfectionist, said the teeth were not perfectly aligned yet, but good enough. But the reason for which Dan started the orthodontia was completed, so the cosmetic perfection was all that would have been left to finish. The doctor left the decision up to Dan, and since the teeth issue (constantly returning to Sacramento) has been hanging over our heads making us feel like we really couldn’t get going on our travels….Dan decided to have them off! So now, he’s got beautiful teeth with no metal “grill work” nor rubber bands to cause people to do a double take to see braces on a man of his “mature” age. Yipee! The teeth are free…and we are free! Liberty!

We’ll be staying in town for a bit longer as we have work to be done on our fireplace and a few other minor things in the trailer. And we need to have a latch on the back seat, over one of the storage drawers, replaced since it stopped locking a few months ago. I also intend to go to storage and get our carpet cleaner to work on our oatmeal colored carpet. And with each rain (thank God for the rain & snow some places have been receiving) we get rain spots on the windows. I’d like to get them cleaned off too. And then there is the usual working on our storage unit in Gold River, and meeting up with family as well. It will be a busy few days.

But as soon as the maintenance issues are completed, we’ll be heading out again – north this time. None too soon for Dan who is feeling claustrophobic being back in Sacramento and back at Cal Expo. We haven’t finalized our plans, but know we’d like to spend some time on the Oregon coast and hope to be there at the right time for the rhododendron bloom season. So, until we get back on the road, there won’t be much to journal…nothing of interest anyway. Until then……..keep looking up.

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