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Mon, 18 Aug: Home again...

Following a 6+ week auto trip and cruise we returned home today. We returned from New Jersey last evening but spent the evening in a nearby hotel (our last shower in a "big bathroom" for a while.)

This morning we took Carpe Diem out of her storage unit. She started right up despite no solar charging due to her being inside. By ten we'd driven the 31 miles from Florence back to the FMCA campground in Cincinnati. We spent the day unpacking and getting things put away and everything "shipshape".

We're uncertain as to our near term plans. We'd hoped to stay here till the weekend, but we learned that the FMCA campground will be the venue of a rally starting Wednesday, so we may have to vacate. We'll see...

Longer term plans are to be in South Dakota by Labor Day as our driving licenses are due for renewal. Want to get that done before the snow arrives.

Meanwhile, shopping to restock the fridge/freezer and catching up with six weeks accumulation of mail will keep us occupied.

Fri, 22 Aug: A busy week, but BOY it is good to be home...

We've had a very busy week. Trips to Costco, Wally, Sam Club, etc. have resulted in a stocked larder so things are returning to normal. We've eaten "in" most of the week in order to enjoy the peace and quiet that is unavailable in public dining venues.

We managed to meet good friends Chuck and Jan McFarlane for lunch one day and also drove to Dayton in order to visit Aunt Betty and belatedly celebrate her 93d birthday.

The FMCA campground was having a rally this weekend, so mid week we moved from our full service site to an electric-only overflow site. We have plenty of water so that'll not be a problem. Important thing is the 50 amps of juice so we can run our AC units. It is HOT!

Tomorrow we're planning to head out. We have "hitch itch" pretty bad...

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