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1 of 2 pictures of ferry parking lot, vehicles waiiting to go...

Rest of the parking lot at the ferry, 10 lanes of trailer...

Unloading the ferry before we load. At least 30-35 tractor/trailers got off

Well over 200 cars got off the ferry before we loaded

When we started loading the Newfoundland ferry, we followed this truck pulling...

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

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Clip of what we see as we enter the level one parking...

(MP4 - 709 K)

As we are directed into the spot where we were parked in...

We left the campground at 6:00am to make the ferry. We arrived at the ferry terminal and were told that the ferry was behind schedule and would be delayed up to 2 hours. We watched the incoming ferry unload and then we were loaded around 10:00am with an unbelievable number of other vehicles; trailer trucks, motor homes, camper trailers and cars/truck. The loading is quite a process and we were packed into level one of the ferry along with trailer trucks and other campers. All the cars were placed on levels two. We filmed some of our loading and hope that it turns out. After being parked, we had to leave our vehicles and go to level five of the ferry for the trip and could not return to our vehicles until we docked in Newfoundland. Level five of the ferry had plane style seats, lounge chairs, gift shop, cafeteria, snack shops and a lounge with entertainment. Level six had open air seating with benches to get sun or watch the ocean view. Our crossing to Newfoundland was uneventful and took nearly 6 hours as we arrived there about 5:00pm. We drove from the ferry landing to our campground about 30 miles away. From what we can see so far, Newfoundland is mountainous and beautiful with lots of moose crossing signs. We will head towards St Johns over the next couple days to hook-up with Frankie, our grandson, who is flying into St Johns on the 15th.

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