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buyin some fish from a local fisherman

our carver making two chairs for us. They are 7 kilos each....

Rikke and our new German, Charlotte, making crepes.

This is when I'm at my best. Danish Lesson.

We saved 37800 Malawian KW!!! And even though it is less than it sounds, it is actually quite a bit of money.

We stayed in a place in Nkhata Bay that’s called Mayoka Village: An amazing place. We asked for a dorm room, but for some reason we ended up in a private chalet with own bathroom and bath tub and free use of coffee and tea – FOR THEE PRICE OF A DORM.

This is the place where all tourists go, so even though it is rainy season – and therefore low season – they were often fully booked. That is in no way fair to all other guesthouses in the area that struggle to survive, but honestly, this place was remarkable. They had free dinners once in a while, they happily upgraded you to a better room for no extra cost, their facilities were way better than anything we have seen in Africa so far, so I am happy to have put all our business in a place like this (oh, well, we still cooked ourselves and brought in cheaper beers from town).

To be honest - sometimes you can get tired of staying at local places run by local people, cuz there are details that we like in the western world that’s not always understood here, and again, why should anyone change their ways just because of ‘rich’ tourists. And though we are in Africa and we have to accept the African way, still…. every so often it is nice to deal with someone who gets what you want. But we have to say that many white people in Africa are no better. We are chocked every time we stay in a place run by white people and the place is worn down, details of severe neglect are totally ignored, the roof is leaking, the water not working and the staff, which could be fixing all these things, are just chilling all day with a beer not being asked or told otherwise by the owners. We don’t get it. How come do people get absolutely lazy and ignorant just because they decide to move to Africa?

Well, Mayoka Village was different, so we have been living in luxury for a while and being absolutely happy about it.

By the way, we are finally in a country where people don’t try to scam you and rip you of – at least not all the time, lol.

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