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Down into Keystone Canyon

Bridal Vail Falls

Our Home on the Road

Straight from the Glacier

View from our camp site

View from our camp site

View around Valdez

View around Valdez

Friends Gary & Nancy

When their in their in

When their in their in

This guy's having breakfast - saw him take one bite out of...

Finally found the fish

6 Pink's

Nice mess of fish

Fri./Sat 8-8 & 9

Made it to Valdez Fri afternoon, signed up for a 2 week stay. This really is beautiful country coming into Valdez. We dropped down off Thompson pass down into Keystone Canyon , where we found Bridal Vail Falls on the Canyon floor. This canyon became one of the early routes north from the Sea to the goldfields in the Klondike.

Found Gary and Nancy still here. They took us out and showed us where they’ve been catching Pink’s. We all went out for a Chinese dinner last night to celebrate the start of the Olympics games. They’re heading back to Anchorage to meet some friends for a few days, then they’ll be back again.

Check the photos, when the fish are in they are really in. They’ve returned to the hatchery by the thousands. Found a Brown/Grizzly bear feeding alone the road on Salmon. Took me 90 minutes to catch my limit (6) this morning. Note, the bear was on the other side of the road down about a quarter mile. My new Tenn. Neighbor gave us a really nice Silver this afternoon. Alone with 6 bellies he said were good for smoking. Said he didn’t need them and that they had more than they needed today. He had his pressure cooker going in his tent canning up a storm. I finally had a chance to get out my new smoker that I’ve been carrying for two months. Smoked up half of today’s catch.

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