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The Old Mill--this mill is still operable. Power is generated by the...

The Normandy Barns--the equestrian center for the campus.

On the mountain campus is Swan Lake.

Frost Chapel...sitting atop a hill. This chapel was handbuilt by students.

The new athletic complex funded by a fellow classmate...The Cage Center.

Valhalla...the student grille has certainly changed since I was there.

The Ford Complex...donated by Henry Ford in the 1920's

Ford Auditorium...I spent many hours here but it paid for my college...

Ford Dining was like eating at the table with King Arthur

Just some of the natural life that abounds on the campus.

The Hoge Building...once the music building, now just offices...originally the plantation home...

Bad Picture of a volleyball game we went to see

A bad picture of the set for "Getting Out' at the E.H....

The dew and fog early on Friday morning when I took a...

The log cabin complex.

A new dorm with a glass atrium and an outdoor fireplace.

Getting ready for the Grand March at the mountain campus

The Grand of the traditions of Mountain Day

Possum Trot of the communities on the original plantation.

On the site of the original plantation home of Martha Berry is...

I can't believe it...I graduated from Berry College 35 years ago. The weekend of October 2-4, 2009 was my college reunion weekend. My best friend from college, Laura Burton, and I went to the weekend at Berry in Rome, Georgia.

I took the RV and motorcycle for the 7-8 hour drive to Norht Georgia. I arrived on Thursday night, set up the site, and then took a ride on the bike. I forgot just how beautiful the campus is. I took various pictures of the place throughout the weekend and wanted to share them with you.

On Friday night we attended a theatre alumni dinner followed by a production by the Berry Players entitled "Getting Out". We were scheduled to go to the talent show but you know how it is when you are old and it is getting to be 11 o'clock.

On Saturday we drove around Rome in the morning. Then it was up to the mountain campus for the picnic and Grand March. It was very nice to see the youngsters do the march that we did so many years ago. Rome has changed quite a bit...more places to eat and more stores to shop. That evening we attended the Mega Reunion Reception and Dinner at Oak Hill which is the original plantation home of Martha Berry.

On Sunday, I packed up the camper and headed home.

During my visit, I had a great time. I ran into classmates that I haven't seen in 35 years. The campus has grown quite a bit with lots of new buildings... and lots of new money being thrown at the place.

The entire weekend was a charge of adrenaline.

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