Star Trek deux (2007-2008) travel blog

Trekies @ T.L. Fuller State Park



The drive from Lynchburg to Memphis had to be way up there with the best highway and most beautiful drive we have done. We were crossing the very bottom of Tennessee heading west (see Larry grin heading west). This is hill country covered with grass and trees - many of them blooming. Horse country with white rail fences, nice homes and huge stables. Didn't see too many horses - guess those Tennessee Walkers stay in the barn, excuse me stable. But the cows all looked happy and relaxed - most of them just laying down and chewing. Little rain, but not bad. Anyway, it was a great drive!

We knew immediately when we got into Memphis, we had porobably made a mistake - not a nice area. With the help of gps we made it into the state park - friendly people and a very nice park. Lots of big trees and very good facilities. Turned out to be another one night stand.


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